20 Ways To Please Your Lover

July 2, 2007


Top Tips For Married Men 

1.     Tell her you love her. Frequently!

2.     Give her four hugs a day.

3.     Pre-plan the details of your regular date nights.

4.     Ask her for her “honey do list.” Start working on it.

5.     Surprise her with flowers from the market.

6.     Volunteer to be the parent who supports your child at a school event.

7.     Ask her specific questions about her day.

8.     Send her an e-card.

9.     Surprise her with dinner fixings from the local deli.

10.  Hire a housecleaner.

11.  Offer to do the weekly grocery shopping. Or go with her just to keep company.

12.  Cuddle on the sofa while talking.

13.  Stop and ask for directions the next time you’re lost. Or late.

14.  Call her just to say Hi.

15.  Write her a love poem. You can keep it short. Or copy someone else’s.

16.  Fix something around the house.

17.  Give her direct eye contact when she’s talking.

18.  Remember her birthday with a collection of meaningful little wrapped gifts.

19.  Take her out for dinner on your anniversary.

20.  Maintain her car. Change the oil, and have it repaired.

Top Tips For Married Women

If you’re new here, please be sure to visit my main blog Chrysalis. You’ll discover an equally useful list of suggestions for married women, “Top Tips For Married Women” here. See you there!

 Photo Credit: Digital Defection (Flickr)

3 Responses to “20 Ways To Please Your Lover”

  1. Rodney Olsen Says:

    Point 2. Only 4? I need to cut down.

    Point 10. You send me the money so we can afford it and I’ll hire someone tomorrow.

  2. Yuck, yuck, yuck Rodney. Don’t worry, we’re still working on fulfilling point 10 too. :~)

  3. Kashan Says:

    Our religion also teaches us to do the same as you mentioned with our wives.

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